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  • Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Based on UHF RFID
    • Oct , 16 2020
    Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Based on UHF RFID

    Apply RFID technology to the management of modern parking lots, it can effectively manage the parking lot. It has the characteristics of orderly entry and exit of vehicles, simple procedures, fast speed, safety and anti-theft, management automation, fair and reasonable fees, no loss of fees and fewer management personnel. Access to database and internet, through the Internet, it can even be extend...

  • RFID Based Solution for the Sensing of Home Devices
    • Jun , 23 2017

    A disruptive solution for sensing the activity of electrical devices connected to the home power line, based on the use of a long range UHF RFID system, is proposed. The solution uses a flexible RFID tag sensor wrapped around the power cord of the electrical device to be sensed. In addition to the identification of the device, the RFID tag has the unique property of detecting the status change, th...

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