RFID Campus Access Management Solution

As a modern school, the management of students and the level of informatization development of the school itself have become an important factor in measuring the overall development level of a school, and it is also the embodiment of the school image.

The 2.4G "safe campus" system for campus access management based on RFID radio technology is developed. The accessibility attendance scheme adopts the data interaction method of remote sensing card reading. By carrying a customized electronic tag (electronic student ID), students will activate the UHF RFID reader deployed inside and outside the school, and send data to the server. The reader will read the message and send it to the server. Judging, the system starts the SMS platform and sends a secure SMS.

Due to the large number of students entering and leaving the school at the peak period and the existence of certain occlusions, the electronic tags are concentrated and the readers have certain read conflicts. However, after the trigger mechanism is added, when the tag is not in the trigger zone, the tag does not transmit 2.4G, which greatly reduces the number of concurrent tags, enhances anti-collision, and improves the ability of the industrial RFID reader.

The simple 2.45G technology realizes accurate label entry and exit judgment, and the channel management has certain difficulties. Combined with the excitation technology, through the two independent excitation zones inside and outside the school gate, the direction of the label can be clearly determined. When the ground exciter triggers the tag, it will send its ID to the tag, and then pass the information to the remote RFID reader through 2.4G.

Tags : remote RFID reader industrial RFID reader UHF RFID reader

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