RFID Child Identification and Anti-theft Management Program

Newborn babies are born every day in the hospital, and this new life is the most precious property for every family and parent. According to the statistics report of the medical department, the incidents of baby miscarriage and theft in the maternity hospital have occurred.

RFID baby identification anti-theft system is safe and reliable, not only has comprehensive regional monitoring, including real-time positioning and tracking of tags and regional positioning of events, but also has a fast response rate of alarm events.

Baby and mother wear wristbands, baby wristbands contain active long-range RFID tags, and mother wristbands contain source short-range RFID tags. The baby's active RFID is used by the system to identify its range of activity, and the close-up examination of the infant and mother uses a handheld RFID reader to visually identify the pairing relationship.

A card reader is arranged in the activity space for collecting information about the baby. A fixed RFID reader (adjustable distance, 3-8 m) is installed in each room where the baby is located, and a long-distance card reader (distance is 20 m) is installed in the aisle corridor. Each baby wristband information is automatically uploaded to the application management subsystem for data processing; at important peripheral channels, it is designed to be accessible only to authorized personnel. Maximize the elimination of unrelated people in and out.

In terms of neonatal management, the hospital can not only monitor the position of the baby wearing the anti-theft tag in real time, track and record the movement of the baby, but also implement monitoring and protection more effectively, and can immediately locate the event when an alarm event occurs and stop the theft incident in time.

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