RFID Handheld Scanner for Mobile Asset Management

The use of handheld RFID reader writer in fixed assets management system can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase benefits and reduce costs in practical work, which helps enterprises to truly implement the principle of strict and economical management. Its easy-to-learn user interface and powerful system features stand out from the crowd of similar software. The time-consuming and labor-intensive work, now one or two people can be easily completed within a very short period of time.

Asset identification monitoring and management system through the use of RFID reader handheld to locate and track the assets of the enterprise to help achieve the same kind of physical and books, improve the effectiveness of asset inventory and return on investment. The main goal is to achieve a comprehensive visualization of corporate assets and real-time information updates, allowing users to more sophisticated asset management so that it can monitor real-time use of resources and the flow, so as to ensure physical and book match.

Hopeland handheld Android RFID reader provides a unified user interface, similar to the Mobile phone or Windows, easy to operate, easy to learn and use, standardized operation, the interface layout is reasonable. The system can set different administrator roles according to business needs, and set different function permissions for different roles. Management rights can be set to each function of the operation; the administrator in addition to functional rights, you can also set the operating authority of different departments of equipment, you can also set different types of equipment operating authority to meet the modern enterprise equipment management needs.

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