RFID Handheld Scanner in Property Management Applications

With the development of society and the constant construction of cities, various office buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings have mushroomed and become the rulers of social development. However, the management, maintenance, repair problems always let the user complain a lot, or even frequently negative feedback.

So how to deal with the huge group of buildings security, management, maintenance, repair, fire fighting problems? We provides a one-stop solution With RFID handheld terminals.

Due to some natural and human factors loss, will result in some damage to the equipment. For example, elevator failure, fence failure and a series of problems easily lead to safety problems. In the daily inspection through Android RFID reader, to avoid the staff tour is not in place. At the same time can be found in time to submit problems through the wireless network to reduce security risks.

Android Barcode NFC RFID Handheld Scanner

Equipment repair: when problems in the inspection were found and timely delivery to the system network, inspector can view the current problem through the RFID hand scanner, the extent of damage, and organize the problem to come to the most systematic and planned solutions to problems, to improve work efficiency.

Fire is one of the most important aspects of towering buildings. In case of fire hazard, failure to resolve it in time will eventually lead to immeasurable damage. Daily fire inspection, you can use hand-held terminal on the status of fire-fighting equipment for timely inspection, notify replacement. Every day, workers can check the status of fire equipment throughout the district. Encounter an emergency situation can be through the GPS function to timely view nearby property personnel.

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