RFID Handheld Terminal for Hotel Applications

The hotel is a comprehensive service group integrating dining, accommodation and entertainment. When the transaction or process become more and more, unable to meet the rapid trading needs of the business, it will cause a lot of business loss, and will face a difficult bottleneck. Therefore, RFID handheld terminal for data collection and real-time interaction to achieve business simplification, is an important part.

When the clients have booked a good room, there is no need to verify at the front desk. Using RFID handheld reader to scan the customer phone code to determine client's information. Then bring customers and luggage to the designated room. The process of security and confidentiality give the maximum protection of privacy to inconvenient clients.

When the clients came to the hotel and want to reserve, the hotel waiter holding a RFID handheld scanner, by android RFID handheld reader through the network to the server database query, the rooms information are very clear. If clients determine which room, RFID handheld terminal will be synchronized to update the server database.

After clients arrive, you can use the room terminal to show the hotel features and services. It helps earn additional revenue and customer experience. When the clients need some service, you can book in the terminal in advance, it saves a lot of service costs, and also conducive to the service sector, transparent management.

When the guests check out, the waiter can timely use RFID handheld scanner to check the situation, assets inventory management, as they have equipped with an UHF RFID label. The effective assistance between the departments, transparent management, to avoid missing work.

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