RFID Helps Build Intelligent Library Management System

When we walked into a clean and tidy library, we first retrieved the books we wanted to find through self-service borrowing equipment, and then completed the loan. The whole process was quick and simple. This also results in a significant reduction in the workload of the library management staff. It is no longer because of which book to look for. The smart security door will prompt any unfinished registration.

The smart library system quickly reads and writes through the library's RFID tags, and is equipped with floor-level labels (bookcase shelf labels, shelf labels) and special electromagnetic shielding labels for accurate book positioning. It also contains an RFID library card, which uses a card with an embedded RFID tag. It can write and read the basic information of the multiple RFID reader in the storage chip of the RFID tag, and is used for readers' circulation and borrowing operations, and readers. Identity recognition operations, etc. The RFID tag conversion station is mainly used for document processing departments to read and write information on RFID tags and RFID library cards, and can write RFID tags after identifying and converting the bar code.

Finally, when passing through the smart security door, the RFID gate reader is a system device that scans and secures the circulation of documents pasted with RFID tags, and is used by the circulation department to control the circulation of documents for security and monitoring purposes. The library management operations that can be performed by librarian workstations include: borrowing, returning, tag generation and change, etc. The workbench equipment components mainly include: RFID tag reader/writer and supporting antenna, book barcode reader and administrator workstation.

The quick and convenient borrowing process will greatly enhance library management and services, and will also increase the circulation of books, so that the essence of the library can be better interpreted, and the knowledge can be furthered away from us.

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