RFID Implements Tire Pressure Monitoring and Security Anti-theft System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact, automatic identification technology. The car security anti-theft system uses radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through the radio frequency signal. RFID technology uses RF transmission to read chip data through external materials for non-contact operation.

Communication data uses an encryption algorithm to encrypt data for secure data storage, management, and communication. With the rapid development of electronic technology, the integration of electronic chips has increased, and the cost of RFID systems has been continuously reduced, accelerating the promotion and application of intelligence in the automotive electronics industry.

Taking a four-tire car as an example, the system consists of four tire modules, one RFID reader module and one base station module. The base station module includes an RF receiver, an LF transceiver, a central control part, a human-machine interface, and is used for transmission. Ignition, gated command of the Automotive Area Interconnect Network (LIN) bus.

The four tire modules are installed in the four tires of the car, and the pressure, temperature and battery voltage parameters of each tire are measured in real time, and the measured data is sent to the base station module for processing by RF communication. The base station module receives RF data from the tire module on the one hand, and further determines whether the tire parameters are normal, and performs real-time alarm if an abnormality is found.

The RFID security-based anti-theft system greatly improves the flexibility and security of the system, saves system space, and reduces production costs. It has broad application prospects in the automotive electronics field.

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