RFID Intelligent Electronic License Plate System Solution

The electronic license plate writes basic information of the vehicle, such as vehicle ID, license plate number, and vehicle weight, in advance through the card issuance management system. The RFID electronic license plate is installed on all vehicles entering and leaving the dock gate, and the vehicle has a unique ID card. The RFID reader system is installed at all gates, roads, etc. where it is necessary to identify the electronic license plate.

The identification system runs around the clock. When the vehicle with the electronic license plate enters the identification area, the long distance RFID reader can capture the relevant information in the electronic license plate and send it to the background in real time to help the background to further process. If a vehicle without an electronic license plate enters the system, the vehicle information will not be displayed and an illegal vehicle intrusion may be prompted. The system can cooperate with video surveillance to record the entry and exit of the vehicle in real time.

In this system, the RFID electronic tag is the main data carrier, and will follow the installation vehicle to different logistics places, and the unified reading system will receive unified data content. The system can access multiple card issuance segments and identification terminals, and can work in both offline and online modes.

Through the electronic license plate recognition system implemented in several gates, the vehicles entering and leaving are effectively managed, and the speed of entry and exit of vehicles has increased significantly, and the phenomenon of vehicle decks has been fundamentally eliminated, thus protecting the legitimate interests of transportation enterprises.

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