RFID IoT Technology Moves to a New Height

RIFD application technology is very common in our lives. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, no one retail is taking RFID to a new height. Is gradually improving our life services, RFID is widely used in security, RFID logistics, anti-counterfeiting of goods, RFID asset tracking and other fields. The RFID Internet of Things technology will be even greater to reflect the application of RFID technology. The Internet of Things needs more technology to build an intelligent entity together.

RFID technology can be divided into three modes: first, tag identification, by information collection and analysis, and then target monitoring and tracking. RFID supports "non-contact automatic recognition" technology. This has become the key to wide application. A typical RFID application system consists of RIFD tags, readers (antennas), and interactive systems. When the item is in the collection scope of the long range RFID reader, the RFID tag on the article is received by the reader, the reader performs data decoding and data processing, and the data is packaged and sent to the interactive system, thereby realizing the basic function of the rfid system.

RFID technology has become a great helper in the logistics industry. In smart logistics, as long as an object uses an electronic tag, it can quickly read information and achieve high-efficiency work.
The RFID intelligent transportation system consists of communication technology and sensor integration to form a basic infrastructure, combined with control technology and computer technology to improve the real-time, accuracy and efficiency of the transportation system. RFID Internet of Things technology can enter and exit the vehicle, enter the vehicle identification system automatically, and the RFID parking system can correctly identify information when the vehicle speed is high.

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