RFID is Major Contributor to the Construction of Internet of Things

The rapid rise of the Internet of Things has prompted various industries to set off a revolutionary transformation. Make life and technology become a community, life is more intelligent and more convenient. RFID allows each item to truly have its own "identity card." The only identifying information is also the highlight of RFID tags. The field of RFID applications has become a major player in the world of things.

The RFID application field is embodied in many aspects. RFID technology has been used in many urban medical industries. RFID Handheld readers are used to view wards to track the location of patients, and they also play an important role in anti-counterfeiting and tracking of drugs. RFID applications play a very important role in drug management, it can prevent the production and sale of fake drugs to the greatest extent.

RFID applications are also an excellent experience in the automotive industry. This is illustrated by the intelligent manufacturing of the production line. The automotive industry is very advanced in the field of smart manufacturing compared to other industries. Most of the implementation is fully automated. UHF RFID readers can implement automated production lines, due to RFID technology non-visible reading and simultaneous reading of multiple tags.

The smart grid of RFID applications is also very prominent. The construction of smart grids is also one of the major construction projects. Smart grids are faced with information security in all areas of power generation, transmission, substations, power distribution, and electricity use. The RFID technology of the smart grid is better than the barcode, has the advantages of waterproof, high temperature resistance, long service life, long distance to read information, and the ability to store large amounts of data.

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