RFID Make Flexible Production Come True

With the increasing of global population, manufacturing industries seek for methods to increase the productivity to tally with the ever rising demand. Due to the busy life styles of modern society, people seek for much easier methods to fulfill their requirements. Therefore the online purchasing of items is available for a large variety of products, which has created more business opportunities and satisfied customers. The customer-order based production could be effectively introduced to the manufacturing industry.

With the rapid development of RFID technology, adapting RFID as a supply chain tool promised more efficient supply chain through fast tracking of items. However RFID could be effectively used within a manufacturing environment and provide better results with less implementation costs since the difference between a sale or no-sale simply depends on the maintaining of the right inventory mix.

Products are tagged with RFID transponders which consist of unique identification numbers. These identification numbers correspond to the product type and information about the product such as its price and manufacturing details. RFID readers are placed according to the manufacturing floor plan. The embedded middleware system in the RFID reader assists in the filtering, aggregation, and routing of RFID data.


The integration and coordination of the smart conveyor system, RFID and other sensing systems and robot arm is the main function of this layer, which includes guiding the products into relevant conveyors using the pick and place robot arm and controlling and synchronizing of conveyor speeds to match with the assembly processes.

Large retail companies have successfully adopted RFID technology in the supply chain using GSM devices. Similarly, for a manufacturing environment, RFID handheld terminal and GSM devices which can communicate with mobiles, etc. could be introduced as further improvements. Real-time WIP inventory monitoring and production exceptions alert systems could be developed as well.

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