RFID Management
RFID Apparel Management Solution

In recent years, with the development of information technology, the competition in the apparel industry has become increasingly fierce. Enterprises have evolved from simple cost-based competition to competition in production efficiency, logistics response chain, and intelligent management of stores. In particular, clothing stores directl...

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RFID-based Logistics Information Management System Solution

The logistics management system covers various aspects such as container management, transportation and transportation, warehouse management, yard management, and ticket management, and is also related to radio frequency identification (RFID), geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), and electronic measurement...

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RFID Clothing Rental Management System

Demand Resolution The collection and monitoring of clothing from the purchase, registration, lease, recovery, cleaning, and return of the entire transfer process. Statistics on rental fees and sewing and cleaning times that occurred during the process. Solution RFIDs sewn into clothing are automatically collected in batches after being co...

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RFID Plant Production Line Intelligent Management System

In the collection of production line information, the manual acquisition and manual input methods have the problems of insufficient accuracy and high error rate. It is also easy to cause the production data in the system to be unable to be updated in real time and the hysteresis is serious, which is not conducive to the smooth progress of...

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Fire Equipment RFID Management Project Application

The RFID-based fire-fighting equipment management system binds the corresponding asset information in the background by installing RFID electronic tags on the fire-fighting equipment. Through the collection of RFID electronic tag information at key nodes and processes, the detailed information of the assets can be accurately obtained. The...

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RFID Personnel Management Identification System Solution

System introduction: Through the use of advanced wireless RFID technology to identify consumer groups, flow management, regional statistics, and trail data mining management, to achieve the goal of customer service precision. Construction function: By deploying a RFID reader system, the three parts of the front office, conference room, an...

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RFID Jewelry Management Solutions

Today, with rapid development and application of RFID technology, RFID jewelry information management is an important means to improve management efficiency, to strengthen the inventory management and sales management. This system is composed of RFID electronic tags, passive RFID tag reader, on-site inventory read-write devices, computers...

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RFID Management for Tracking and Inventory

The RFID technology can be of most useful help in short range surveillance and monitoring as it is both efficient and cost effective. Using RFID tags to uniquely identify a person or an object is achieved easily. The whole apparatus is easily scalable to achieve higher distance ranges by using higher grade tags or by using battery powered...

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