RFID Medical Anti-fake Technology Makes Health More Secure

The pharmaceutical RFID supply chain information platform built using RFID technology can realize real-time tracking and supervision of pharmaceutical production, circulation, distribution and retail links. Because RFID tags have the technical characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non-counterfeiting, and concurrent identification, they can be reliably real-time-tagged within a tag by supporting the supply chain platform database and attaching RFID tags to individual pharmaceutical products. Record drug-related supply chain information to enable real-time supervision of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies are responsible for attaching RFID tags to pharmaceutical packaging. Distribution-related units (including drug wholesalers, pharmaceutical retailers, and medical institutions) have a dedicated RFID reader writer. Pharmaceutical companies conduct product authentication and circulation information writing operations in the product outbound and outbound links.

The drug administration department can use portable RFID reader identifiable read-write devices to carry out on-site inspections and identification of drug-related units' inventory and drug sales.

When a consumer purchases a drug in a hospital or pharmacy, he or she can authenticate the drug through an identifiable device or a self-service authentication handheld terminal in the hospital or pharmacy.

Attach electronic tags to each bottle of medicine to record data such as location, product category, date, etc. According to the unique code of each product, you can keep abreast of the state of the goods, the quality of medicine, etc., so that you can manage your inventory and you can immediately understand Items that need replenishment are convenient for out-of-stock management.

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