RFID Production Line Management System Solutions

In the traditional manufacturing enterprises' production flow, most of the production modes are dominated by one-piece flow mode. The biggest disadvantage of this production line mode is that backlogging usually takes a large amount of semi-finished products in some bottleneck processes. If the process is complicated more production links, this phenomenon will be more serious.

The RFID production line management system replaces the traditional paper tickets with electronic RFID tag for each work piece on the production line and an RFID reader device at each station. When the worker completes the homework once, the system automatically sends the information of the work piece to the computer system through the RFID reader system. The system automatically calculates the piece-rate wage and various production statistics and provides a complete set of solutions for the enterprise.

Based on RFID technology, production line management system is one of the effective solutions to solve the above problems. Through the use of RFID reader hardware and system, can automatically collect production data and equipment status data, and provide production managers with "real-time data" of all the process steps in the production line. Combined with the process characteristics of the process equipment and related process, quality indicators of the parameters of the production of important aspects of the process parameters and equipment operating parameters and other production information online monitoring and analysis to help enterprises achieve the production process semi-finished products, finished product process measurement , warehousing storage management automation and information integration, which can effectively monitor the production positions, the stability of the product quality and process parameters to monitor the implementation rate.

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