RFID Racing Timing Technology

In the physical training assessment, it is necessary to record the exercise time and successive rankings of the assessors from the starting point to the end point. Generally, the old and classic method is the manual stopwatch timing. With the development of technology, RFID chronograph circles have emerged. Cooperate with the assessment system for the timing of physical training.

Realization principle: The system adopts advanced RFID technology, computer information processing and other high-tech and physical training assessment, which is convenient for the assessment personnel to carry without affecting its status. When the assessment personnel bring the RFID timing chip label through the mat RFID antenna, read and write. The antenna can immediately detect the passed card information, and the reader sends the read card number to the connected computer. The computer obtains relevant information of the assessor and uses a special software to process the information. The collected card information is corresponding to the corresponding athlete information by the system software, and the game situation is counted, thereby realizing the purpose of automatic counting and automatic timing of long distance items.

First, the wireless electronic dispatching system controls the loudspeaker to issue a starting command, and at the same time, the electronic timing master device synchronously receives the start command and starts timing. Secondly, after the assessment personnel pass the monitoring point and then pass through the end point, the UHF RFID reader senses and counts the circle. Finally, when the appraisers finish the assessment and run through the finish line, the system counts the final score and saves the history.

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