RFID Smart Retail Cabinet Solution

Smart retail cabinets can be opened and taken, that is, take away, each layer is replaced by an UHF RFID antenna, and an RFID electronic tag is attached to each product for automatic real-time reading. The quantity and attributes of the goods in the vending machine.

The specific shopping process is: Step 1: The user downloads the APP (or WeChat, Alipay applet) with the smart phone. After registration, the user has the right to open the vending cabinet door lock by scanning the QR code. After opening the door, the user can directly take the smart. Goods in the vending cabinet. The second step: the selection of goods, not much to say here, the selection process is no different from ordinary supermarkets or ordinary sales containers. The third step: closing the door payment, closing the door after the purchase of the goods, the smart retail cabinet starts the internal inventory program, using fixed RFID reader to identify the RFID electronic tag inside the cabinet, the end of the inventory can know what the user is taking, on the mobile phone the settlement is completed on the APP.

HL7206C12 & HL7206C24 is new designed fixed UHF RFID reader with 12/24 ports for antennas. With Impinj R2000 chispet, support multiple tags reading up to 500 times/second, 0-15 meters long range reading. Widely use for asset management, inventory/warehouse management, vehicle ETC management etc. CL7205D is circular polarization 8dBi UHF RFID antenna, could be installed and integrated in cabinet, cupboard etc. It's ver convenient for projects like document management, library materials management, smart retail.

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