RFID Smart Toolbox Solution

The emergence of RFID tool management applications has realized the efficiency and intelligence of tool management. Through the installation of special customized tool cabinets with UHF RFID readers and the installation of UHF passive anti-metal tags, the accuracy and efficiency of tool management can greatly improved. And the sharing of information across departments and departments.

For different industries, RFID tool management has different requirements and implementation methods. Here are some common applications:

1. Railway line maintenance equipment management, after installing RFID electronic tags for each tool, you can install RFID UHF readers at the door of the warehouse to identify the incoming and outgoing tools and authorization management, or install ultra-high on the construction vehicles. Frequency reader, real-time monitoring of tools on the vehicle.

2. Aircraft maintenance equipment management. RFID tags are placed on parts and tools, and placed in a box equipped with an passive RFID reader. The readers in the box are powered by batteries, and the data is connected to the cloud in real time via wireless. The staff can apply for the application through the APP. After using the tool box, you can check whether the returned tool is put back on the APP after the repair work is completed. All the tools and the tool box can be queried in the actual position in the background management software.

3. Production management of large equipment such as high-speed rail. After installing the long Range RFID reader and computer tool management vehicle, the management of the tool is simple. The UHF reader is installed in the tool vehicle to monitor the tools on the car and the display on the car. The type and quantity of the tools can be displayed in real time, and the staff can open the tools and drawers of the tools and drawers as long as the staff can swipe the cards to prevent the workers from falling down and save the time for the staff to manage the appliances.

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