RFID Technology Application Solution in Embedded Design

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has the potential to become a common and important part of embedded system design. In addition to its traditional role in inventory management, new advances in RFID tags and high-speed long distance RFID readers make it easy for embedded system designers to incorporate features such as access control, anti-counterfeiting, easy payment, medical authentication, dynamic pricing, and product history. , remote asset tracking.

Embedded RFID applications typically include readers in products or systems to add local data collection features that enhance the basic functionality of the product. Today, embedded RFID applications are found in hotels, prisons, hospitals, retail outlets, farms, casinos, toll roads, factories, and a variety of commercial and military vehicles. As embedded system developers realize the value of this technology and adopt it in new designs, these non-traditional RFID applications will become commonplace.

One of the most basic and common uses of RFID technology is the EAS (Commodity Electronic Security) system. The RFID EAS system uses a large antenna board and security labels of various sizes. The former is installed at the store exit, and the latter is hung on high-risk goods. . The basic principles of all EAS systems include the use of transmitters and receivers, the former creating an electromagnetic field in the store exit area and the latter detecting changes in the electromagnetic field.

Most developers of newer RFID architectures use low-cost transponders (or tags) as the basis for their architecture, consisting of an IC for data storage and communication and an external antenna. There are two basic types of tags: passive and active. Passive tags do not contain a power source and rely on RF signals from the passive RFID reader to induce a small current in the antenna that is sufficient to transmit a response signal.

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