RFID technology empowers auto parts management

China has also become the world's largest car consumer. The car recall incidents that have occurred many times in recent years show that the existing auto parts management methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Traditionally, the auto parts management method is relatively simple, the inventory cost is high, and the unreasonable parts management is easy to cause inventory. Redundancy, which greatly hinders the rational procurement and management of enterprise parts and components, is not conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises. Companies need to find more effective management methods.

Using RFID technology to effectively manage and monitor its spare parts storage, RFID technology is a good application in automotive smart storage management. From the warehousing, inventory, distribution, picking, inventory, transfer, delivery, and warehouse of auto parts, the RFID component management system collects valid data through RFID hardware devices and tags, and then integrates the data , optimization and analysis, can automatically identify the accurate data information of each part of the acquisition of parts, to ensure efficient and accurate operation of the parts warehouse. After the deployment of the RFID system, the storage management of auto parts companies can track the parts of the warehouse, warehouse, inventory, distribution and transfer to the main engine warehouse through RFID technology. In addition, the warehouse environment is complex, and there are many types of parts and components, which is also a big challenge for warehouse management. 

The RFID technology has the characteristics of long-distance reading and high storage capacity, which is very suitable for storage in storage operations. The anti-pollution capability and durability of RFID tags are also stronger than bar codes. The data collected by the RFID device is not only protected from fouling, but also can be added, modified, and deleted repeatedly to facilitate the instant update of information. In addition, the RFID signal has strong penetrability, and it can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastic when covered, and can perform penetrating real-time communication.

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