RFID Technology Helps Build Open Access Control Systems

Many industries in China have used RFID technology. Examples include industry and logistics, including asset tracking and logistics, waste management, animal identification, retail and manufacturing, and healthcare. All tags store the reading and writing functions in the RFID reader device so that the tagged stored data can be updated or read in time, ultimately improving performance through tracking or quality control. So, what's the application of RFID technology in the access control system?

RFID access control systems have long surpassed traditional doorway and key management functions. The security requirements of the modern work environment, departmental administrative work, daily attendance management, and company catering consumption are all closely related to the access control system. The installation of RFID gate reader at public exits and entrances in some office locations, residential apartments, etc., can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and maximize the protection of the safety of these sites.

In addition, an RFID open access control system is installed at the entrance of major conferences and at the entrances of important event venues. When participants or other personnel entering or leaving the passage pass, the fixed RFID reader automatically senses RFID tag invitations or identity cards held by personnel. Documents, confirming the identity of the person entering or leaving the room. The legitimate users pass through the system and the identity information of the personnel and the pictures taken at the scene are displayed on the screen at the same time. The guards who are on duty can confirm the situation.

The RFID open access control system not only has all the features of the traditional ordinary access control system, but also has the characteristics of open multi-person rapid passage and simultaneous recording of each inbound person's personal information, as UHF RFID reader has functions support multiple tags reading.

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