RFID Technology Helps Drug Management

At present, the pharmaceutical industry is currently facing the problem of the proliferation of counterfeit and inferior drugs. Some lawless elements are driven by interests to create counterfeit drugs, which threaten people's lives when they take them. With the rapid development of RFID technology, the medical industry in many cities has begun to apply RFID technology. Many hospitals have begun to use RFID handheld reader for ward inspections, and most importantly, RFID technology and handheld terminal products are It has also played a huge role in drug anti-counterfeiting, tracking and supply chain management.

Using RFID technology, when the drug is shipped from the factory, the RFID tag is attached to the drug package, which becomes an inseparable part of the drug. The RFID tag carries all the information. The principle of RFID used for anti-counterfeiting in commodity anti-counterfeiting is to identify the product (The ID), ie the security code (which is encrypted by hardware or software algorithms) is traced and managed through the system management platform, from the supply chain process that the drug subsequently undergoes, and finally to the patient through the retailer or hospital.

Each Ethernet RFID reader can be connected to the server via GPRS or network, and can effectively record and monitor in production, warehousing, logistics and final sales. The RFID tag is the identity card of the drug, and the product identification number (ID), that is, the security code (encrypted by software or hardware algorithm) is written in the RFID chip. This ID is unique in production and storage. In the warehousing and logistics links, including the final sale, although the number of times to collect information is large, the remote RFID reader can be used for non-contact remote identification, so that data can be collected efficiently. Reduce the complexity of manual statistics and queries. Through RFID technology, we can prevent counterfeiting and sales, and improve the handling capacity of accidents. The application of RFID and handheld terminals in drug management supervision still has a large market space.

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