RFID Technology in the Express Delivery Industry

FedEx has tested several uses of RFID and has been successfully used in FedEx's daily operations. They believe that with the combination of effective monitoring, RFID application in individual areas can make companies and customers achieve more benefits.

In the United States, for example, when a FedEx delivery carrier returns to a van, he can open the door and start the engine by simply tapping the RFID button on the wristband. FedEx has also started testing RFID technology in Australia, mainly using RFID tags and RFID scanners to automatically check and report the status of customs clearance awaiting shipment. Without the help of RFID tags, staff must check and scan each package to confirm the current status of the package before updating the package information in the system for customers' access at any time. With the effective use of RFID technology, we can set up an RFID tag that proactively reports information on each shipment waiting for customs clearance, so that the shipment can periodically signal the RFID reader system.

At present, RFID technology in the express delivery industry, mainly involves the following aspects: First, the distribution center in the courier, for large quantities of parcels and express mail through RFID technology, to achieve express mail automatically, high-speed sorting. In China's small and medium-sized private delivery companies generally use human hand sorting case, the use of RFID technology, together with the automatic sorting system, can greatly improve the sorting efficiency. Second, in the process of express mail transportation, through the RFID tags attached to the express mail, the real-time tracking of the express mail is realized by using the GPS technology(in Android RFID reader) so that the sender and the receiver can inquire the position of the express mail through the Internet to obtain a better service experience. Thirdly, it manages the reusable assets of express enterprises such as vehicles, trays and so on. It utilizes the RFID readable and writable characteristics, and enters the related information of assets into RFID, then cooperates with related systems to realize the lean management of assets.


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