RFID Technology Makes Parking Easier

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been widely used in warehouse logistics, retail management, asset management, production&processing etc. But recently, ITS(Intelligent Traffic System)develops into one of the most popular application area for its huge market capacity and the relevance of national conditions. Furthermore, RFID technology has been infiltrated into various sub-fields of ITS, including Traffic Management System, Traffic Information System, Vehicle Control System, Public Transport System, Commercial Vehicle Operation Management System and Automated Highway System.

There’s another sub-filed called Intelligent RFID Parking System, like a access control system for parking lot, that provides a modern management solution for the traditional parking lots to improve working efficiency, corporate image and customer satisfaction. Because the traditional parking lots have many problems and limitations for further development, we have to do more on this under the current situation.

With the development of society and improvement of living level, the number of cars has been drastic increased during recent years. Both city and property management departments face the same problem from that. It will be difficult for people to park or to find their cars in a large parking lot. And much time would be wasted on that. Because all traditional parking lots are operated with human staffs and the system is not stable enough for long-time use. Car-owners also need to swipe card by themselves when they in and out.

To solve this problem, Shenzhen Clou IoT Technologies Co., Ltd. has developed a reliable Intelligent RFID Parking System and got much experience about it. With the use of high-performance UHF RFID Readers(with a 0-20m long reading range) and Tags that researched and produced by Clou IoT, this Intelligent RFID Parking System can help you to collect, record and recognize the data information of cars in and out. Then this system will take some related actions, like cars release and car’s information record etc. By this way, the process flow will be simplified and the time of cars in and out will be reduced. Also, you need not to worry about the mistakes caused by human staffs or the safety of cars parked at your place. Lower operation costs and higher working efficiency. That would be great for both property management department and car-owners both.

In the future, Shenzhen Clou IoT Technologies Co., Ltd. will keep developing more solutions about ITS for customers to solve the most practical problem.

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