RFID Technology Meets 100% Product Traceability

In the automated process to manually track or provide traceability of parts and materials in the process in the efficiency, accuracy and production site environment is not feasible, RFID and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) technology can meet The requirements for automatic identification, tracking and trace of objects in the process.

Developers of RFID reader systems and applications must understand the target user's application scenario, the operating environment, and the physical characteristics and composition of the object to be tracked. Almost all manufacturing environments use RFID technology, and as users find ways to effectively use these identification technologies, their adoption rate will increase.

Industrial identification and positioning has become a key technology to promote the digitization of manufacturing. By installing an RFID tag on the object, the manufacturer can identify, track, and collect data from the object at the production site. Considering cost, profit and time, RFID is increasingly used in WIP. The beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries use UHF RFID reader to automatically track the process of containers, raw materials, disinfection and cleaning processes.

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers at all levels also use RFID extensively in manufacturing and assembly. The smart machinery industry uses RFID to identify and track multiple products on a single assembly line to identify ongoing processes for a particular product. The aerospace industry uses RFID instead of manual tracking of documents to meet higher levels of manufacturing traceability. Higher-end consumer electronics are also beginning to use RFID in manufacturing and assembly processes.

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