RFID Technology Speeds Logistics Up to 6 Times than Before

Recently, a news from Tianjin attracts people’s attention, “As the first enterprise who uses RFID technology in air-logistics, Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd. can handle over 200 orders per day with only 4 workers and 4 forklifts. With RFID readers installed on the forklift, workers can read the RFID tags on goods and complete the whole process quickly without getting off. The daily in&out cargo weight reaches 300 tons and the operation efficiency has been greatly improved than before.” The manager of this company also added that the work done within a week now just needs 24 hours.

RFID is the typical representative of automatic identification technology. It has many advantages of high accuracy, reliable performance, large capacity for information storage and oil/water resistant. RFID tags can do much better than traditional bar-code in the automated management of warehouse, to automated select, process and report the information of goods efficiently.

Shenzhe Clou IoT Technologies Co., Ltd. is the leading RFID devices&solutions provider. The RFID warehouse management solution provided by Clou can complete the simple batch process of in &out goods with self-owned long range UHF RFID reader, high-performance and special-type tag. Besides, it can make a clear record for the information of the sort, quantity, productive feature, stack position of goods so that workers can get good’s accurate data and supply chain information in every stage of logistics. By this way, enterprise can raise up the efficiency of putting goods to warehouse and realize the real-time management of products and goods allocation, also reduce the labor intensity and error probability for workers when goods out of warehouse.

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