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  • ETC management system by RFID Technology
    • Jan , 22 2021
    ETC management system by RFID Technology

    Due to the needs of the economic development of the United States, a non-stop toll operation method has emerged. The first trial experiment of toll collection started in the United States in the late 1970s. Users can pay by credit card or prepay to the highway toll system. Since the United States first used etc toll system in 1988, etc toll system has become an effective means to recover highway i...

  • The important role of RFID technology in animal management
    • Dec , 08 2020
    The important role of RFID technology in animal management

    The continuous outbreak of animal epidemics around the world has further highlighted the important role of RFID technology in animal management. Animal epidemics around the world continue to erupt, Large-scale outbreaks such as swine fever, avian flu and COVID-19, This not only severely damaged the animal husbandry in the world, especially in Europe, but also seriously affected or even threatened ...

  • Comparison of contact and non-contact electronic tags
    • Jan , 06 2020
    Comparison of contact and non-contact electronic tags

    In the data center U-bit asset digital monitoring and control plan, the communication methods of the U-bit asset module and the electronic tag are divided into contact communication and contactless communication. Contact communication refers to the use of an EIC chip by inserting and removing the electronic tag to make the metal on the tag contact the contacts on the U-bit asset module, and then r...

  • RFID Technology Provides Strong Guarantee For Army Asset Management
    • Jan , 02 2020
    RFID Technology Provides Strong Guarantee For Army Asset Management

    Modern warehousing and logistics distribution have become more diversified and demanding. Not only must we implement the storage management of goods, but we must also mark the types, quantities, attributes, etc. of goods in the warehouse one by one. Especially in the management of military supplies, high standards and strict requirements are even more needed. RFID technology relies on many charact...

  • RFID Technology Solves the Problem of Fixed Asset Inventory
    • Sep , 05 2019

    The three major problems facing fixed asset management, long inventory cycle, scattered assets, inconsistent accounts and asset numbers, etc. An UHF RFID system consists of three main parts, the control system, responsible for the issuance of all control commands, the operation of the business and the final data acquisition, analysis and storage. After receiving the instruction, the UHF RFID Reade...

  • Application of RFID Handheld Reader CL702K in Warehouse Inventory and Inspection
    • Jun , 21 2019

    In the current rapid development of digitalization, how to use intelligent means to improve inventory management efficiency and reduce operating costs is of vital importance to enterprises. Traditionally, inventory management usually uses barcode labels, manual inventory, etc., but barcodes are easy to copy and not moisture-proof, and there are many kinds of goods. Manual inventory is prone to err...

  • RFID Technology, RFID Electronic Tags, Readers
    • May , 22 2019

    RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology. This technology was born during the Second World War and is mainly used to identify aircraft. The simplest RFID systems include tags, readers and antennas. Additional hardware and software support is required in the real world. About RFID Reader The reader is divided into two types: handheld reader and fixed reader. It consists of a transc...

  • RFID Cash Box Management
    • May , 09 2019

    The bank belongs to the state's key security and prevention units, and has the characteristics of various scales, numerous important facilities, complicated personnel, and a wide range of management areas. As the main circulation place of today's social currency and an important part of the national economic operation, the bank's business involves a large amount of cash, securities and valuables. ...

  • Application of RFID Identification Technology in Vehicle Automatic Counting System
    • Jan , 18 2019

    By putting the license plate number of the transport vehicle into the RFID electronic tag, when the transport vehicle enters various transport nodes such as intersections, unloading yards, yards, warehouses, etc., it can be carried out by an RFID card reader installed above the road. Reading, completely out of manual intervention, improves the speed and accuracy of vehicle traffic counting. Compar...

  • RFID Implements Tire Pressure Monitoring and Security Anti-theft System
    • Jan , 11 2019

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact, automatic identification technology. The car security anti-theft system uses radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through the radio frequency signal. RFID technology uses RF transmission to read chip data through external materials for non-contact operation. Communicati...

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