RFID Unmanned Retail Technology

Retailers have unique advantages in commodities, supply chain and operations, etc. They are mainly responsible for overall layout planning, while RFID companies mainly provide core technologies related to unmanned retail sales, including RFID technology, system integration, merchandise management, and store access, payment and departures, and other aspects of RFID products.

In the intelligent production process, garment manufacturing companies will receive orders through online orders and obtain customized requests from customers. In the production process, electronic label printing, data binding and label verification are performed again, and the entire production process realizes real-time monitoring. In this link, the company implements automatic sorting and flexible production based on RFID, product scanning, review, shipment, and report generation, achieving rapid and accurate results.

In intelligent storage section, staff do not need to open the box to inspect the product, and can inventory through the whole tunnel of the tunnel machine. Now the company can achieve the inspection speed of 6 seconds per box, which is accurate and efficient. Including bulk cargo and returns, intelligent and rapid sorting can be achieved through RFID. The staff uses the handheld RFID reader for quick, batch-counting, high-efficiency and precision, in addition to transparent logistics, real-time tracking, and global positioning.

When it comes to problems, there must be some deficiencies in the retail RFID solutions. These need companies to avoid or improve. For example, RFID tags may go through production and logistics, and finally reach the stores, may be damaged, or may be tagged with clothes or The effect of clothing fabrics has led to a decline in reading rates. In addition, RFID reading is very dependent on the surrounding environment. In the actual implementation of the project, customers must also consider the fitting habits of consumers, and the experience of fitting an interactive screen should be improved.

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