Supply Chain Management Based on RFID Technology

In recent years automatic identification procedures (Auto ID) have become very popular in many service industries, purchasing and distribution logistics, industry, manufacturing companies and material flow systems. Automatic identification procedures exist to provide information about people, animals, goods and products.

RFID technology uses radio frequency signals, can be completed without physical contact automatic identification. RFID does not need to align the object itself, the use of a dedicated RFID reader and can be attached to the RFID unit to the target items, RF signals from the RFID unit of information transmitted to the RFID reader to identify the multiple targets simultaneously.

RFID technology on logistics and supply chain management has great appeal, the technology within the enterprise, across enterprises and industries, cross-sectoral, national and international applications. In recent years, RFID market size is gradually expanding, RFID technology application in the global market is increasing year by year.

RFID technology in supply chain management as the starting point will be the logistics supply chain management system in China has been widely applied. Use of RFID technology, will enable China's logistics industry and the world's leading horizontal sync, contribute to better improve supply chain management, China's multinational corporations and the world to meet the needs of the logistics, reduce costs, thereby significantly enhance our core competitiveness of the logistics industry .

In short, RFID technology will improve the efficiency of the logistics supply chain management bring a strong driving force support.

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