The Application of RFID Technology in the Inventory Management

Today's society, high productivity, product is extremely rich, science and technology in rapid development, however, the profits that enterprises get through increase productivity, abundant products, improving quality, using advanced technology are more and more limited.

A typical RFID system generally consists of three parts: tags, RFID readers, antennas. Antenna transmits radio signal between tag and reader; Tag is made up of components and chips, and each tag with a unique electronic code, attached to the object to identify the target object.

RFID tags are generally stores agreed format electronic data, there is an RFID tag in each goods pallets, boxes or components that through the warehouse entrance. RF tag and antenna will be two-way communication and transmit the information on the label into the reader when goods affixed with RFID tags into the antenna signal emitted range. Passive RFID reader can read and identify the electronic data that preserved in the RF tag without contact the antenna so as to achieve the purpose of automatic identification of goods.

After the cargo in places, by scanning the goods RFID tags, warehouse management system is able to identify the goods stored positions and the information will be stored into the system. By using the reader that fixed on the shelf needn’t access to the goods to read the information that on the tag, replaced the way of manual inspect and achieved accurately and fast locate the inventory goods positions. And related staff can easily modify the related goods’ keeping state records electronic information by the tag. When the positions of cargo changes, fixed RFID reader can automatically identify and return the appropriate information back to the systems and timely update the goods position information.

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