The Application Status of RFID in Intelligent Security

As one of the key technologies of security and Internet of Things, RFID is currently rich in related products and solutions, and the market application is gradually deepening. The application fields are expanding and expanding, especially in intelligent transportation, smart parking, smart access control, radio frequency security, personnel and Areas such as item positioning and track management have gradually gained very mature applications.

Taking jewelry management as an example, the jewelry industry has problems in the exclusive counters of specialty stores. The products that the jewelry industry sells every day are high-value jewellery, which is very important for the daily inventory of goods.

However, the current work of jewellery inventory is basically done by manual manual operation, and the jewellery products have the small size and large number of actual situations. A large number of products are counted by a small number of sales personnel, which results in a huge actual situation of inventory work time.

After adopting the RFID scheme, the target object can be automatically identified by the RFID handheld terminal, and the identification work no longer requires manual intervention. RFID jewelry management is to attach RFID tags to precious jewelry products. Combined with the jewelry counting equipment(fixed RFID reader) installed on the counter, it is used to monitor, control and track the labeling of jewelry accessories, enabling fast inventory and real-time management functions.

In addition to convenience, RFID products have high stability, no mechanical wear and long service life, so the maintenance cost is relatively low. This is an important reason for domestic users to accept and innovate the new RFID technology.

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