UHF RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

RFID baggage automatic sorting system is to attach RFID tags to the baggage that are randomly checked in to each passenger. The electronic tag records passengers' personal information, departure port, arrival port, flight number, parking position, departure time and other information; baggage flow. The various control nodes, such as branches, installations, and baggage claim offices are equipped with electronic tag reading and writing devices. When baggage with tagged information passes through each node, the UHF RFID reader reads this information and passes it to the database. Realize the information sharing and monitoring of baggage in the whole process of transportation.

Passengers departing from the airport check baggage at the departure check-in counter. The staff completes the check-in and prints the RFID tag according to the passenger boarding pass. The RFID tag is installed on the baggage and placed in the baggage conveyor. The conveyor is equipped with an RFID scanner. When the baggage passes through the RFID collection channel, relevant information is collected and uploaded to the conveyor control system. The conveyor control system can correctly sort the baggage to the corresponding flight according to the obtained information.

The system uses RFID technology to identify the baggage through electronic tags long range UHF RFID reader to automatically identify the target baggage. Even for multiple high-speed movements of baggage objects, simultaneous identification can be performed without human intervention and the operation is quick and easy. With the adoption of RFID technology, the mechanization rate can reach 95% or more, which means that the possibility of baggage loss, delay and mishandling will be greatly reduced. At the same time, RFID can work in various harsh environments. This will enhance passengers’ baggage security and greatly reduce their error rate and other issues.

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