UHF RFID Technology in the Field of Clothing

UHF RFID technology can be informatized from all aspects of garment production, product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, and product sales, providing users with real-time dynamic tracking and query throughout the whole process, providing support for the rapid development of the business. Can solve all problems, from then on to reduce costs, improve profits and competitiveness.

In the production process of RFID garment management, UHF RFID writer are used to make some important attributes of single-piece clothing such as: name, grade, item number, model, fabric, lining, washing method, execution standard, commodity number, inspector The number is written into the corresponding electronic tag, and the electronic tag is attached to the clothing.

Since UHF RFID technology can be used in the case of non-contact non-visible, it has the characteristics of simultaneously identifying multiple tags, that is, dozens of pieces of clothing with UHF RFID electronic tags attached can be read by UHF RFID reader all of its logistics data at one time, greatly improving logistics efficiency.

The use of UHF RFID technology in the storage management of RFID clothing management can realize the visual management of all management units, which can greatly shorten the packaging, handling, inventory, and statistical time, thereby reducing the loss of goods, accelerating capital turnover, and greatly improving the efficiency of warehouse management.

Through the UHF RFID handheld terminal, you can inventory the goods in the back of the goods and stores in the real-time, and generate reports according to the area, according to the actual position, generate the specified format data according to the actual requirements, and upload to the store management system.

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