UHF RFID Technology
How to Read the Data of UHF RFID Large Capacity User Area

When using the existing RFID Demo software, the length of the read operation cannot exceed 255 words, which is 510 bytes. This is also the upper limit of the amount of data read by Gen2. Reading too much data at a time will also cause the performance of the reading to be unstable. In fact, reading 128 words at a time is not stable. This i...

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What is the Difference Between HF and UHF RFID Technology

From the perspective of technological development, high-frequency technology is relatively mature than UHF technology. Through continuous improvement and improvement, a learning curve model for high-frequency tag production, data protocol sharing, and the basis for constructing RFID applications has also been established. Both high freque...

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UHF RFID Technology in the Field of Clothing

UHF RFID technology can be informatized from all aspects of garment production, product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, and product sales, providing users with real-time dynamic tracking and query throughout the whole process, providing support for the rapid development of the busin...

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Personnel Attendance Management Plan Based on UHF RFID Technology

The attendance of personnel at construction sites has certain special characteristics: first, the flow of people is large; second, the cultural level of most workers is low; third, the frequency of changes in staff is relatively fast. Therefore, there is a special requirement for the attendance system of the entrance and exit of the const...

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Advantages and Applications of UHF RFID Electronic Tags

The UHF RFID market has a wide application scenario, and has the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at one time, recognizing a long distance, transmitting data speed, reliability and longevity, and withstanding outdoor harsh environment. Can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, war...

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UHF RFID Application in The Field of Internet of Things

Utilizing the many different characteristics of UHF RFID, people have developed a series of applications in logistics management, electronic payment, anti-counterfeiting, security access control, intelligent transportation, electronic business cards, traditional media development, rapid access, animal and plant management, indoor Fields s...

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Research on Smart Library Based on UHF RFID

The application of RFID in the library has been more than ten years. Many scholars and library staff have studied and practiced the application of RFID in libraries from various angles. With the development of information technology, RFID technology has been widely used in all walks of life. Book inventory is an important part of the libr...

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UHF RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

RFID baggage automatic sorting system is to attach RFID tags to the baggage that are randomly checked in to each passenger. The electronic tag records passengers' personal information, departure port, arrival port, flight number, parking position, departure time and other information; baggage flow. The various control nodes, such as branc...

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UHF RFID Accurate Running Timing System

In the physical training assessment, you need to record the examination staff from the starting point to the end of the exercise time and rankings. With the development of science and technology, there have been RFID timing system, the assessment system, for the fitness training timer cycle. Starting point: by the wireless remote control ...

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Application of UHF RFID in Automatic Baggage Sorting System in Airport

Baggage handling has always been a large and complex operation for large airports, and in particular, the ongoing terrorist attacks on the airline industry have also placed higher demands on baggage identification and tracking technologies. RFID baggage automatic sorting system is for each aircraft passenger randomly checked the luggage a...

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