What Should Pay Attention when Choosing RFID Equipment

At present, although the rapid development of RFID technology, but compared with the bar code, due to cost, use of the environment, technical standards and other restrictions, in a period of time, can not replace the bar code applications, then what should we pay attention when choosing the RFID equipment?

Reading accuracy. RFID tags are mainly attached to material pallets and cargo containers, but in some industries, such as electronic manufacturing enterprises, there are many components and devices. How to ensure that each label can be read by RFID reader device in the rapid production flow is a letter problem to be solved.

Environmental impact. By the workshop environment, in the complex electromagnetic environment, serious interference in the business, RFID electronic tags correct reading and writing is also a big problem, companies want to implement RFID reader system, you need to test in the workshop, it will affect the production progress.

Implementation costs. From the cost point of view, the current cost of the label is still high, the RFID reader cost various from different level, especially for the manufacturing industry, what materials and procedures for the use of RFID systems is an important issue, not every word can be said that the need for rigorous planning.

Data Security. RFID application, privacy and security issues are very important. RFID standard system is related to the control of the information of articles and the control of RFID industry. RFID technology should be widely applied and popularized. The development of RFID standard system with independent intellectual property rights is particularly important. At present, China has started to formulate relevant standards, I believe in the near future, the above problems will also be gradually solved.

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