Wide Application of RFID Systems in The Industrial Field

Every new development in radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for industrial environments is designed to increase performance and extend the possibilities of various applications. Different applications need to consider various factors to choose the most suitable RFID system.

Factors to consider when applying RFID:
(1) The distance between the tag and the RFID reader; (2) The speed at which the object can pass in front of them; (3) The data transmission rate.

Data carriers or tags that can withstand high temperatures are an important added value for systems offered to automotive manufacturers. They are also increasingly used in the process of coating curing, in which data carriers can be used because they can pass through the furnace on the vehicle rails. A good system will provide tags with EEPROM and FRAM memory, which can provide almost unlimited number of read and write operations. UHF RFID system can perform fast read and write, typically at a rate of 0.5 milliseconds per byte.

Integrating RFID reader with passive sensors that measure temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration can provide more information for asset monitoring and management. RFID can be applied to most new applications in major industrial sectors. In the past, managing cloud traffic from thousands of tags brought big problems before cloud technology came. Now, with cloud-based applications and services, the burden of IT support can be reduced, and companies can deploy centralized management and centralized implementation without the traditional support and deployment costs.

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