RFID Technology Combined with Mold Industry

The RFID mold electrode management system can better realize the intelligent management of the mold, reduce the professional skills requirements of the mold operator, and greatly improve, reducing the factors that are considered mistakes. This effectively improves the increase in the rate of marrying machine equipment. With the rapid incr...

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Application of RFID Technology in Automotive Related Fields

Automotive parts manufacturing technology is complex, involves a wide range of manufacturing processes, covers a variety of processes, the number of parts up to 8000 ~ 15000; only the large number of manual management of the zero, parts and complex, numerous manufacturing processes, often error-prone and It is impossible to quickly improv...

Tags : passive RFID readers RFID reader writers

RFID Smart Logistics Solution

RFID's container management system is to fix electronic tags on containers. The readers are installed at the entrances and exits of working vehicles or ports. They use non-contact information to read and write, and realize data and information connections between RFID logistic management systems. The antenna and read-write device are inst...

Tags : RFID logistic management systems long range RFID reader UHF RFID readers

Electronic Distribution Warehouse RFID Application

Using RFID to realize free-position inventory management, through the RFID gate reader, the inbound products can be checked once, and the product positioning management. Inbound process Three steps: storage - check the product – shelves When shipped from the factory, RFID tags attached to the pallets and baskets record product lot numbers...

Tags : RFID gate reader fixed RFID reader long range RFID reader

How to Choose the Handheld Terminal

Handheld terminals have a wide range of applications in the rapidly developing modern society, and they are also widely used in the manufacturing industry. But how better to choose smart handheld terminal? 1. Application area If a user uses a PDA in a large stereoscopic warehouse, the storage location of the item is relatively high and th...

Tags : UHF RFID handheld reader Android Handheld Terminal RFID handheld reader

Application of RFID Technology in Library

The library's RFID system is based on RFID technology, and combines computer technology, programmable controller technology and network communication technologies to achieve library front desk and back office management. The system basically includes: librarian workstation system, electronic label conversion system, self-service permit sy...

Tags : RFID inventory system RFID system

Container Management System Based on RFID Technology

In the current management of container shipping, there are still many problems. This is mainly due to the fact that the traditional management model is still used. The staff manually records the location of each container, and then manually enters the data into the container management system. In the database, the binding between the cont...

Tags : UHF RFID readers industrial RFID readers

Apparel Industry RFID Data Collector Applications

Clothing products are a fashion product. Many factors such as the season of sales, the location of sales, the taste level of consumers, fashion trends, and the price of the product will affect the sales of products. Therefore, real-time tracking of sales status is a very important management content for apparel industry companies. Hopelan...

Tags : RFID tracking systems Handheld RFID Reader RFID retail

UHF RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

RFID baggage automatic sorting system is to attach RFID tags to the baggage that are randomly checked in to each passenger. The electronic tag records passengers' personal information, departure port, arrival port, flight number, parking position, departure time and other information; baggage flow. The various control nodes, such as branc...

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