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  • Is parking difficult? RFID technology makes parking easy!
    • Aug , 16 2019

    Parking is one of the daily behaviors of people, but the problem of difficult parking, difficult parking spaces, unbalanced parking spaces, and low interest rates on parking spaces is also quite serious. The parking vacancy rate is still as high as 44.6%.   At present, the intelligent parking lot coverage rate is only 7%, and the parking lot intelligence is mainly based on traditional skills ...

  • Livestock electronic ear tag management system
    • Aug , 04 2019

    The electronic ear tag is an electronic tool that can store and read information. It is a bridge between the data processing system and the individual animal. It is an electronic ID card that can be recognized by animals. People can use a dedicated reader for each An individual animal is identified. In this way, for example, animal identification, data calculation, track manipulation, animal breed...

  • Intelligent RFID Technology Warehousing Logistics Pallet Management
    • Jul , 24 2019

    With the diversification of production products, the types of materials in warehouse management are also diversified, the workload of warehouse management becomes larger, and warehouse management is very complicated and diverse. The traditional manual warehouse management mode has been difficult to meet the requirements of fast and accurate warehouse management. In order to increase the efficiency...

  • What applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID are in intelligent transportation?
    • Jul , 17 2019

    Intelligent transportation is the development direction of the future transportation system. It is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology. It is applied to the entire ground traffic management system. It is a real-time. Accurate and efficient integrated transp...

  • How to choose a UHF reader
    • Jul , 15 2019

    1, Business needs and application scenarios The choice of UHF readers must first meet the business needs and suit the application scenario. This depends on the read range, read and write speed of the reader, and the suitability of the application environment. 2, CPU, memory capacity The memory capacity of the portable UHF RFID reader determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity correspond...

  • Application of RFID Handheld Reader CL702K in Warehouse Inventory and Inspection
    • Jun , 21 2019

    In the current rapid development of digitalization, how to use intelligent means to improve inventory management efficiency and reduce operating costs is of vital importance to enterprises. Traditionally, inventory management usually uses barcode labels, manual inventory, etc., but barcodes are easy to copy and not moisture-proof, and there are many kinds of goods. Manual inventory is prone to err...

  • RFID technology empowers auto parts management
    • Jun , 06 2019

    China has also become the world's largest car consumer. The car recall incidents that have occurred many times in recent years show that the existing auto parts management methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Traditionally, the auto parts management method is relatively simple, the inventory cost is high, and the unreasonable parts management is easy to cause in...

  • RFID Technology, RFID Electronic Tags, Readers
    • May , 22 2019

    RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology. This technology was born during the Second World War and is mainly used to identify aircraft. The simplest RFID systems include tags, readers and antennas. Additional hardware and software support is required in the real world. About RFID Reader The reader is divided into two types: handheld reader and fixed reader. It consists of a transc...

  • RFID Cash Box Management
    • May , 09 2019

    The bank belongs to the state's key security and prevention units, and has the characteristics of various scales, numerous important facilities, complicated personnel, and a wide range of management areas. As the main circulation place of today's social currency and an important part of the national economic operation, the bank's business involves a large amount of cash, securities and valuables. ...

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