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  • What is the difference between a barcode and an RFID tag? What are the types of RFID tags?
    • Dec , 04 2019

    Bar codes and RFID tags are both item information identification technologies, and their essence is to give a special number to an item, through which you can get information about the item. The bar code is numbered by knowing the change of the image by optical means. The RFID tag can be considered as the electronic version of the barcode, and its working principle is the radio principle. The numb...

  • RFID electronic label/tag packaging technology
    • Nov , 23 2019

    RFID Electronic Tags are packaged in many forms, are not limited by standard shapes and sizes, and their composition is also very different, and even requires special design according to various requirements. The Transponder has been used in sizes ranging from ¢6mm to 76x45mm, small or even micron-sized chips, including antennas with a size of 0.4×0.4mm; storage capacity from 64-200bit read-o...

  • Talking about RFID Electronic Label Packaging Technology
    • Nov , 15 2019

    RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology can recognize high-speed moving objects and recognize multiple labels at the same time, which is qu...

  • RFID helps cosmetics anti-counterfeiting logo
    • Nov , 08 2019

    According to statistics, the size of China's cosmetics market in 2015 was 315.6 billion yuan, and China became the second largest cosmetics consumer in the world after the United States. Online shopping is very important for people. Different kinds of cosmetics have different prices due to different brands and places of origin. There are many fake and shoddy cosmetics, the quality cannot be guaran...

  • What are the applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID in intelligent transportation?—part 2
    • Nov , 01 2019

    Real-time monitoring and management of urban traffic The traffic data collected by the Intelligent Transportation Integrated Platform based on RFID technology can be used for real-time traffic flow monitoring, intelligent statistics of traffic information, traffic information mining and large data processing, as well as congestion charging and congestion restriction in different time zones. The tr...

  • What are the applications of Internet of Things technology such as RFID in intelligent transportation?
    • Oct , 24 2019

    Intelligent transportation is the development direction of transportation system in the future. It integrates advanced information technology, data communication and transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology effectively, and applies them to the whole ground traffic management system. Intelligent transportation can achieve a wide range, all-r...

  • RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 2
    • Sep , 20 2019

    RFID equipment: The vehicle remote rfid reader the information of the electronic wristband worn by the student and can automatically obtain the accurate number of people getting on and off. When Parents accopany their children to go to and from school, the reader reads the remote identification RFID card held by the parent.  Through the voice playback mode, the driver and the teacher can obta...

  • RFID System School Bus Safety Management Technology—Part 1
    • Sep , 05 2019

    In China, the school bus mainly refers to the transportation of the underage students in kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. Overloading, overspeed, driver driving illegally, fatigue driving, and other vehicles driving on the road may cause potential traffic safety hazards to the school bus. Secondly, the school bus safety also includes the personal safety of the students in the sch...

  • RFID Technology Solves the Problem of Fixed Asset Inventory
    • Sep , 05 2019

    The three major problems facing fixed asset management, long inventory cycle, scattered assets, inconsistent accounts and asset numbers, etc. An UHF RFID system consists of three main parts, the control system, responsible for the issuance of all control commands, the operation of the business and the final data acquisition, analysis and storage. After receiving the instruction, the UHF RFID Reade...

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