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  • RFID Child Identification and Anti-theft Management Program
    • Feb , 22 2019

    Newborn babies are born every day in the hospital, and this new life is the most precious property for every family and parent. According to the statistics report of the medical department, the incidents of baby miscarriage and theft in the maternity hospital have occurred. RFID baby identification anti-theft system is safe and reliable, not only has comprehensive regional monitoring, including re...

  • The Application Status of RFID in Intelligent Security
    • Feb , 18 2019

    As one of the key technologies of security and Internet of Things, RFID is currently rich in related products and solutions, and the market application is gradually deepening. The application fields are expanding and expanding, especially in intelligent transportation, smart parking, smart access control, radio frequency security, personnel and Areas such as item positioning and track management h...

  • How to Read the Data of UHF RFID Large Capacity User Area
    • Jan , 22 2019

    When using the existing RFID Demo software, the length of the read operation cannot exceed 255 words, which is 510 bytes. This is also the upper limit of the amount of data read by Gen2. Reading too much data at a time will also cause the performance of the reading to be unstable. In fact, reading 128 words at a time is not stable. This is related to the performance of the specific label. When act...

  • Application of RFID Identification Technology in Vehicle Automatic Counting System
    • Jan , 18 2019

    By putting the license plate number of the transport vehicle into the RFID electronic tag, when the transport vehicle enters various transport nodes such as intersections, unloading yards, yards, warehouses, etc., it can be carried out by an RFID card reader installed above the road. Reading, completely out of manual intervention, improves the speed and accuracy of vehicle traffic counting. Compar...

  • What is the Difference Between HF and UHF RFID Technology
    • Jan , 15 2019

    From the perspective of technological development, high-frequency technology is relatively mature than UHF technology. Through continuous improvement and improvement, a learning curve model for high-frequency tag production, data protocol sharing, and the basis for constructing RFID applications has also been established. Both high frequency and ultra high frequency RFID systems rely heavily on th...

  • RFID Implements Tire Pressure Monitoring and Security Anti-theft System
    • Jan , 11 2019

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact, automatic identification technology. The car security anti-theft system uses radio frequency identification technology to automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through the radio frequency signal. RFID technology uses RF transmission to read chip data through external materials for non-contact operation. Communicati...

  • RFID-based Identity Recognition System
    • Jan , 09 2019

    The personal multi-modal biometrics recognition system mainly collects fingerprints, facial images and DNA, and text information into the microprocessor through computer terminals, and then integrates the information into the background and records the individual biometric information database management system through the network. And can be related to other military information about military in...

  • Application of RFID Technology in Logistics Warehousing Management
    • Jan , 04 2019

    Based on a simple RFID system, combined with existing network technology, database technology, middleware technology, etc., build a "Internet of Things" consisting of a large number of networked readers and numerous mobile tags, which are larger than Internet. ) has become a trend in the development of RFID technology. The logistics warehousing management system uses RFID technology to capture inf...

  • New RFID Solutions Open up More Application Markets
    • Dec , 29 2018

    With advances in materials technology, RFID tags are becoming smaller and smaller, and can even be washed without damage, making RFID applications more widely available. Hopeland has developed a number of unique RFID tags, RFID UHF readers and software that can help solve problems or increase the efficiency of customer operations. Applications include retail, medical and healthcare, smart factorie...

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