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  • New RFID Solutions Open up More Application Markets
    • Dec , 29 2018

    With advances in materials technology, RFID tags are becoming smaller and smaller, and can even be washed without damage, making RFID applications more widely available. Hopeland has developed a number of unique RFID tags, RFID UHF readers and software that can help solve problems or increase the efficiency of customer operations. Applications include retail, medical and healthcare, smart factorie...

  • Security RFID Consumables Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Scheme
    • Dec , 26 2018

    The application of Internet of Things technology has brought about the possibility of product innovation, solving product anti-counterfeiting, distribution and after-sales problems, and the realization of purification effect requires deep professional experience and huge industry data.   Consumer products, as a huge market in life, are essential for anti-counterfeiting, distribution managemen...

  • Gas Cylinder Management RFID Solution
    • Dec , 24 2018

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders has also increased dramatically. Liquefied petroleum gas has many problems, such as wide use, large quantity, large liquidity, harsh use environment and lagging regulatory measures, which cause huge safety hazards. Under this background, it is urgent to strengthen the government safety supervision of...

  • RFID Technology Solution for Medical Asset Management
    • Dec , 20 2018

    RFID technology can effectively integrate the daily management activities of medical assets with the medical asset management system, so as to achieve the real-time synchronization of physical information and system information, and quickly find various medical assets in an emergency. Each medical asset is attached with an electronic tag with a unique ID number. When the item with the electronic t...

  • METRO Uses RFID Supply Chain Management Case
    • Dec , 18 2018

    In 2002, Metro announced the "Future Store" program, which announced the adoption of RFID technology throughout its supply chain. The program has attracted more than 50 partner companies to jointly develop and test applications for IoT RFID technology, covering all aspects of the retail supply chain, including inventory, transportation, logistics, warehousing, and even the retail in-store customer...

  • Application of RFID and Internet of Things Technology in Labor Management
    • Dec , 17 2018

    The RFID chip is used to establish an identity card for the construction site personnel. By setting a long range RFID card reader in the floor, the RFID chip information can be read out instantly, and the location and personal information of the construction site personnel can be known. At the same time, the information is uploaded to the network cloud through the computer host, and the informatio...

  • Simple Analysis of RFID-based Access Control System
    • Dec , 12 2018

    Card recognition is divided into two categories: the first one is a magnetic card, but the magnetic card is low in security, easy to wear and requires frequent magnetization; the second is an RFID card, which is cheap, easy to use, highly secure and can use a database. It is well managed, its cost performance is extremely high, and it has a good promotion prospect. The working principle of the who...

  • Restaurant Intelligent Payment System Based on RFID
    • Dec , 10 2018

    Based on the RFID device and the tableware with the RFID chip, a checkout counter with sensing function is added in the cashier area to complete the intelligent settlement of the meal checkout. Compared with the traditional queuing checkout, the billing time is shortened to the utmost, the work efficiency of the restaurant is improved, the number of labor is saved, the operating cost is reduced, t...

  • RFID Pet Dog Epidemic Prevention Management System
    • Dec , 06 2018

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it has become an intimate partner of many urban residents' leisure life. Keeping dogs and cats has become a modern lifestyle. In the morning of the flood, some people will walk around with their love dogs. After dinner, some people will take a dog for a walk. The RFID pet dog vaccine management system fundamentally solves the problem of...

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