Elderly Apartment RFID Location Recognition System

With the increasing aging of the population, there are more and more elderly people, and there are many issues concerning the safety management of the elderly. The nursing home is a very important venue for the activities and life of the elderly. Therefore, the issue of the safety management of the elderly in the nursing home has become a...

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Case Analysis of RFID Application in Modern Dairy Farms

In the modern dairy farms, in the dairy farms with large breeding scale, high breeding level and high individual production capacity, the conventional manual marking and the naked eye recognition of the cows are distinguished, the work is difficult, the resolution efficiency is low, and the error rate is high. It is difficult to accuratel...

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RFID Intelligent Electronic License Plate System Solution

The electronic license plate writes basic information of the vehicle, such as vehicle ID, license plate number, and vehicle weight, in advance through the card issuance management system. The RFID electronic license plate is installed on all vehicles entering and leaving the dock gate, and the vehicle has a unique ID card. The RFID reader...

Tags : RFID reader system long distance RFID reader

Application Scheme of WLAN+RFID Combination System

This paper studies a combination system called WLAN+RFID (hereinafter referred to as a combined system) consisting of WLAN and RFID. It is based on wireless local area network and radio frequency identification technology. It utilizes the wireless transmission of WLAN and the non-contact automatic identification of RFID to provide users w...

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RFID Anti-counterfeiting Application

RFID technology can effectively solve the increasingly rampant product anti-counterfeiting phenomenon. In RFID anti-counterfeiting applications, clothing is commonly used for anti-counterfeiting. Apparel manufacturers put their own unique RFID tags and clothing in a carton, each with its own unique ID code. Apparel manufacturers put their...

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The Impact of Metals on RFID Systems

At present, radio frequency identification is most widely used in high frequency and ultra high frequency. However, radio frequency in the UHF band is sensitive to the environment, especially metal, which makes the passive tag of this working frequency unable to work on objects with metal surfaces, and the most widely used logistics indus...

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Application of RFID Systems and Tags on Production Lines

Many vendors label their labels before shipping in order to comply with the new RFID regulations, but Wells' approach is different. It used RFID systems early in the manufacturing process, saving costs and achieving other advantages. Bras Galles, Wells’ process control manager, began a pilot project with dairy company automation supplier ...

Tags : RFID antenna RFID systems

Reduce Idle Time for Automotive Engines Based on RFID Technology

Given the current trend in oil prices and the co-promotion of carbon neutrality, organizations are under increasing pressure to adopt different technology solutions to improve the efficiency of mobile device management. An important area for using technology solutions to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is mobile devic...

Tags : vehicle RFID readers passive RFID reader RFID mobile scanner

Smart Transportation Application for Identifying License Plates

In recent years, the national policy has clearly proposed the application of high-tech such as smart parking systems and automatic identification of license plates. To put it simply, the "wisdom" of smart parking is reflected in: smart looking for parking spaces + automatic parking fees. So, how do you implement smart parking now? Let's t...

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