RFID Technology Applied in Access Control System

The RFID access control system has already surpassed the traditional doorway and key management functions. The safety requirements of the modern working environment, departmental administrative management, daily attendance management, company catering consumption, etc., are all closely related to the access control system. Such as apartme...

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RFID Smart Toolbox Solution

The emergence of RFID tool management applications has realized the efficiency and intelligence of tool management. Through the installation of special customized tool cabinets with UHF RFID readers and the installation of UHF passive anti-metal tags, the accuracy and efficiency of tool management can greatly improved. And the sharing of ...

Tags : UHF RFID readers passive RFID reader long Range RFID reader

RFID Smart Retail Cabinet Solution

Smart retail cabinets can be opened and taken, that is, take away, each layer is replaced by an UHF RFID antenna, and an RFID electronic tag is attached to each product for automatic real-time reading. The quantity and attributes of the goods in the vending machine. The specific shopping process is: Step 1: The user downloads the APP (or ...

Tags : UHF RFID antenna fixed RFID reader UHF RFID reader

RFID Technology Boosts Supermarket Transformation

Traditional supermarkets provide us with convenience, but it is not difficult to find out, such as the supermarket price tag replacement is not timely or error, the supermarket goods are frequently stolen, the variety of perishable goods can not be monitored and replaced in time, etc. With the maturity of the Internet of Things technology...

Tags : UHF RFID antenna multiple RFID reader handheld terminal

Advantages and Applications of UHF RFID Electronic Tags

The UHF RFID market has a wide application scenario, and has the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at one time, recognizing a long distance, transmitting data speed, reliability and longevity, and withstanding outdoor harsh environment. Can be used for asset management, production line management, supply chain management, war...

Tags : UHF RFID antenna RFID warehouse management UHF RFID Electronic Tags

RFID-based Bucket Lifecycle Information Intelligent Management System

The intelligent bucket management system is based on RFID technology and consists of modules such as antennas, card readers, tags, and application systems. The principle is as follows: the card reader sends a modulated signal of a certain frequency containing information through the antenna; when the tag enters the working area of the RFI...

Tags : RFID tag reader UHF RFID reader

UHF RFID Application in The Field of Internet of Things

Utilizing the many different characteristics of UHF RFID, people have developed a series of applications in logistics management, electronic payment, anti-counterfeiting, security access control, intelligent transportation, electronic business cards, traditional media development, rapid access, animal and plant management, indoor Fields s...

Tags : UHF RFID reader long range UHF RFID readers UHF RFID logistics system

RFID Weighing Management Application

Power plants, coal yards, garbage dumps and other units will have a large number of materials transport vehicles entering and leaving every day. It is necessary to carry out procedures such as parking, registration, weighing, etc. The operator manually records the data into the computer, which is time consuming and has a large error rate....

Tags : UHF RFID reader long range RFID readers Ethernet RFID reader

Pharmaceutical Factory RFID Production Management Program

Pharmaceutical production management plan based on RFID technology. The overall construction of the RFID production management program follows the following principles: · Do not change existing business processes; · Improve existing work efficiency; · Practical and advanced, safe and reliable; · Achieve tangible economic returns for the c...

Tags : RFID gate reader fixed RFID reader portable RFID reader

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