RFID Racing Timing Technology

In the physical training assessment, it is necessary to record the exercise time and successive rankings of the assessors from the starting point to the end point. Generally, the old and classic method is the manual stopwatch timing. With the development of technology, RFID chronograph circles have emerged. Cooperate with the assessment s...

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RFID Wireless Operation Management System

1. Conveyor belt sorting Sorting the goods on the conveyor requires multiple antennas to form an RFID scanning tunnel to increase the first rate. At the same time, the UHF RFID reader needs to access the conveyor belt or other control host. At this time, the use of reusable RFID tags and readers can form an economical and efficient RFID s...

Tags : UHF RFID reader multiple RFID reader fixed RFID reader

RFID Bank Management Application

Commercial banks are increasingly adopting the latest IoT application technology to build their own competitiveness, improve service capabilities and service levels, strengthen compliance risk management, improve operational efficiency, and save costs to improve efficiency. RFID banking management applications have become the patron saint...

Tags : RFID fixed reader UHF handheld RFID reader portable RFID reader

Logistics Distribution Center System Based on RFID Technology

The distribution center is a modern distribution facility that engages in the provision of goods and organizes the delivery of goods to users to achieve sales or supply at a high level. With the continuous growth of business volume and the continuous improvement of customer demand, distribution center management is also facing more and mo...

Tags : multiple RFID reader handheld RFID reader UHF RFID reader writer

RFID in Medical Applications

RFID technology can bring simple and efficiency-enhancing methods in various industries, such as logistics, transportation, retail, supermarket, medical, military, asset management, personnel positioning, package tracking, and almost management. , it can bring some help! Today we simply share the application of RFID in medical application...

Tags : RFID inventory management RFID tag reader RFID vehicle reader

RFID Technology Meets 100% Product Traceability

In the automated process to manually track or provide traceability of parts and materials in the process in the efficiency, accuracy and production site environment is not feasible, RFID and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) technology can meet The requirements for automatic identification, tracking and trace of objects in the process. De...

Tags : RFID reader systems UHF RFID reader

RFID-based Animal Tracking Management System

The RFID-based animal identification and tracking management system consists of three parts: RFID radio frequency card, RFID reader writer and computer network. The reader is generally used as a computer terminal to implement data reading and writing and storage of the RFID radio frequency card. It is composed of a control unit, a high fr...

Tags : RFID reader writer RFID tag readers UHF RFID antenna

PDA for Product Error Proofing Traceability Solutions

It mainly includes three parts: basic data management, error prevention management and traceability management. The overall goal is to establish a comprehensive, integrated, advanced, and stable quality error prevention system, monitor key component assembly, and prevent artifacts from causing process leakage. It can standardize the produ...

Tags : handheld terminal RFID handheld reader RFID Handheld Reader Terminal

Personnel Attendance Management Plan Based on UHF RFID Technology

The attendance of personnel at construction sites has certain special characteristics: first, the flow of people is large; second, the cultural level of most workers is low; third, the frequency of changes in staff is relatively fast. Therefore, there is a special requirement for the attendance system of the entrance and exit of the const...

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