Pharmaceutical Factory RFID Production Management Program

Pharmaceutical production management plan based on RFID technology. The overall construction of the RFID production management program follows the following principles: · Do not change existing business processes; · Improve existing work efficiency; · Practical and advanced, safe and reliable; · Achieve tangible economic returns for the c...

Tags : RFID gate reader fixed RFID reader portable RFID reader

Mobile Doctor and Nurse Station Management Solution

On the basis of the existing local area network of the hospital, the wireless network is added to increase the wireless mobile application of the information hospital, and the hardware platform for information transmission is established. The tools such as the wireless handheld terminal PDA and portable RFID reader are configured for the ...

Tags : portable RFID reader handheld terminal handheld RFID reader

Warehouse Management Solution Based on RFID Technology

Management process of cargo area based on RFID technology 1. Use the fixed RFID reader to write the details of the items in the library (the label can not only write the various specifications and performance of the product, but also indicate the specific shelf position of the goods to be easy to find and count.) Enter the background syst...

Tags : RFID tags reader wireless RFID card reader long range RFID reader

The Use of RFID in the Financial Field

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology has also been widely promoted and applied. Speaking of the application of RFID technology in various industries, there are too many applications. Today we will look at the application of RFID technology in the financial field. 1. Improve the efficiency of bank asse...

Tags : UHF RFID reader handheld RFID reader RFID gate reader

Application and Advantages of RFID Technology in Parking System

The operation of the RFID smart card parking management system is centered on the process of the user's vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot. Based on the RFID technology, the RFID vehicle tag or the electronic license plate is used to integrate the user's individual and the vehicle information he owns into the database. When driv...

Tags : long range RFID reader RFID parking management system RFID system

RFID is More Diversified in Its Application

With advances in materials technology, RFID tags are becoming smaller and smaller, and can even be washed without damage, making RFID applications more widely available. Hopeland has developed a number of unique RFID tags, UHF RFID readers and software that can help solve problems or increase the efficiency of customer operations. Applica...

Tags : UHF RFID readers multiple RFID readers long range RFID reader

Application of RFID in Underground Pipeline Identification Management

The management and application of RFID technology in underground pipeline identification and inspection has been put on the agenda by more and more underground pipeline management departments in recent years. And in the gas, water, communications and other fields RFID solution have achieved good applications. The most basic RFID system co...

Tags : RFID solution RFID system IoT RFID Reader

RFID Clothing Production Line Application

The clothing industry also has its own special industry characteristics, namely: product style, color, size and other characteristics determine the number of clothing with geometric growth trend, the sales system covers direct, wholesale, franchise and other industries. The apparel industry is limited by its own and industry's shortcoming...

Tags : RFID technology solutions industrial RFID reader Ethernet RFID reader

RFID Campus Access Management Solution

As a modern school, the management of students and the level of informatization development of the school itself have become an important factor in measuring the overall development level of a school, and it is also the embodiment of the school image. The 2.4G "safe campus" system for campus access management based on RFID radio technolog...

Tags : remote RFID reader industrial RFID reader UHF RFID reader

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