Hopeland RFID Middleware New Version 2.0 Coming 2017-08-24

Since 2015, Hopeland started to develop our own RFID middleware for customers. And in 2016, we had the first version of RFID middleware, and gain excellent market feedback from that. Recently, under our engineers hard working, the latest version 2.0 middleware is coming soon. 


New version middleware features:

1. Support tag filtering
2. Support Support clock synchronization
3. Multi-reader management (Max 100 sets at same time)
4. Support customized service, easy development
5. Support WebService interface remote control
6. Independently for clients-side
7. Client-side independently to batch configuration
8. Complete log management system
9. Cross platform service


Accompany with our latest gateway smart reader, the middleware has three main work mode:


RFID Middleware


The new version has  reset the whole pages design, more friendly and simple. There are four main functions, for RFID reader devices, task, logger and system management. On task manager mode, clients could freely customize process of RFID readers working.


RFID Middleware


RFID Middleware

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