Hopeland RFID Succeed on IOTE Shenzhen 2018 2018-08-03

The 10th International Internet of Things Expo Summer Exhibition (referred to as IOTE 2018) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from July 31st to August 2nd. During the period, Shenzhen Hopeland Technology Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance with IOTE 2018. IOTE was founded by Yilian Media Group in June 2009. This year is the tenth. It is one of the largest and highly professional IoT exhibitions in China. It has also become the vane of the development of the domestic Internet of Things industry.


Hopeland Technology is a leading RFID hardware and solution integrator in the field of Internet of Things. For many years, it has focused on technical research in the field of RFID. It has a full range of RFID core products including tags, antennas, readers, and handheld devices including system integration. As the first high-tech enterprise in the field of RFID, Hopeland has provided end-to-end solutions for industries such as industry 4.0, asset management, warehousing logistics, file management, smart transportation, intelligent weighing, tobacco logistics, production line management, and new retail.


During the exhibition, Hopeland participated in the event as a leader in focusing on RFID core technology, and determined to build the most influential system integration enterprise in the global RFID industry. Not forgetting the initial heart, it reflects the mission of Hopeland to adhere to technology-led and promote the development of the core technology of the Internet of Things. The perfect transformation from Clou Electronics to Hopeland Technology is moving towards a broader development path.




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