Hopeland's the First Products Conference with Distributors 2017-08-04

Hopeland successfully held the first Product Conference & Meeting in 3rd, August, 2018. Key account clients and distributors from Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, France, Russia, Iran, Germany and other 13 countries took part in this meeting and we all have great time each other.


RFID Product Meeting


The first part of meeting in the morning is introduction of the whole series of products Hopeland produced. As a leading manufacturer and solution provider, Hopeland has RFID handheld series, RFID tablet, long range RFID fixed reader, integrated reader, UHF RFID antenna, and RFID middleware, RFID reader raspberry Pi etc. 

And then later, it's very kind of some partners to share their real projects and applications using Hopeland's products and solution. They show it application like warehouse management, access control, asset inventory, vehicle management etc. 



On the afternoon, our technical engineer make a speech for partner about how to set the RFID middleware and RFID reader Raspberry Pi HL7206C9 Plus. All of us take it carefully and discuss too much with our sales and engineer.


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