Identium, System Integrator of Hopeland RFID Readers 2018-12-18
Identium, system integrator of Hopeland readers, strategic partner of Hopeland in India. If you need to customize your software system, welcome for any concerns.

About Identium

IDentium Tech Solutions was founded in the year 2010 with a passion and years of good experience in the RFID technology. We are focused on providing proven and dependable automatic identification products and solutions for challenging applications. Our solutions provide highly reliable and scalable performance even in difficult environmental conditions.

We have done extensive research on the HopeLand RFID readers and we bridge the gaps and provide readymade as well as custom made Solutions based on the reader. We provide Cloud based solutions as well so the Applications can be accessed anywhere at any point of time.


1. RaceTime Application: We have Cloud based solution for Race Timing. The main highlights of the applications are as below:

• The Application supports Multiple Readers and hence provides reader flexibility.

• The Data directly gets uploaded to Cloud after specific Interval (Default set to 15 seconds. Can be changed by the user as per their needs) and hence provides Real Time data to the User.

• Application supports SMS and Email functionality for sending Results to the customers.
• Application has various switches which help in controlling various functionalities such as sending SMS, Email etc.

2. Attendance Tracking and Access Management: We provide UHF and HF based Attendance Tracking and Access Management systems which serves various purposes such as Warehouse Inventory Tracking, Event Tracking, Employee Tracking etc.

3. Cashless Payment Solutions: We provide cashless payment Solutions for various Events and Organizations. The money gets loaded to his virtual account and with the help of the RFID wrist band the user can make Transactions.

4. Library Management System: We provide KOHA based RFID integrated Library Management System with customizations. KOHA is a popular and widely used Library Management Software and integrating it with RFID makes it even better.

5. Animal Tracking: We provide solutions for Animal Tracking where Animal Livestock can be tracked using RFID/Barcode ear Tags. The application contains basic Animal Data such as Animal Number, Date of Birth, Parent Child Progeny etc. It also covers some questioners (5-10) which will be filled during the Animal birth along with the tracking of periodic Medication details. This can be customized as per the user requirements.

6. Custom Solutions: We provide user friendly and custom based solutions as per the User requirements for various purposes such as Store Management/Factory Management, Toll Booth, Kiosk Management, Library Management Systems, Billing Systems etc.
• RFID helps in Automating various processes and helps you handle a greater number of transactions in less time.

• Bar codes and other things are great, but they usually require a person to scan them. RFID systems, on the other hand, can collect information without the need for human intervention. That means using RFID is usually cheaper than scanning bar codes or performing other manual processes.

• RFID allows users to build a wide variety of applications that go well beyond data collection. For instance, museums have enhanced the visitor experience by having a tagread whenever a visitor approaches an item, triggering visual or audio information. And retailers have deployed mirrors with built-in RFID readers and a touch screen. When a customer tries on an item in front of the mirror, the tag is read and information is displayed. The customer can then touch the screen to view other colours and styles, as well as accessories, thereby enabling retailers to cross-sell without requiring a salesperson.

• Bar codes require people to scan them, and people often forget to do so, or scan the wrong bar code. As a result, IT systems frequently have bad information in them. When RFID solutions are properly deployed, they are often highly accurate, which means the data stored in an inventory-management, warehouse-management or other system is accurate and can be trusted. This leads to better business decisions.

• ActiveWave RFID technologies provide unique solutions to difficult logistical tracking of inventory or equipment- particularly in applications where optically based systems fail and when read/write capabilities are required. The technology is stable, and evolving, with open architectures becoming increasingly available.

There are numerous applications of the RFID Technology. You name it we got it. We help in building Solutions for all the above applications and various other applications as per the need.We are very committed towards our work and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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