Impinj Inc Visit Hopeland for Business Corporation 2018-05-24

Impinj is worldwide leading RFID technology and solution company. Since 2006, Hopeland has been developed Impinj RFID chips and provide UHF RFID devices, such as RFID reader, RFID handheld scanner, RFID antenna and reader module. Impinj provide us with the best RFID chips, and we are dedicated to present the best RFID products and solutions.

Today, the president of Impinj visit Hopeland and have a great meeting. Impinj hope could build long term relationship with us. Our products, technology and feedbacks are very important for Impinj's future strategic. IMPINJ also greatly praised our smart gateway reader and middleware, and we believe that we are really standing in the application perspective to promote the development of RFID.

Impinj RFID

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