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  • The Big Exhibitor List -----GITEX
    The Big Exhibitor List -----GITEX 2019-10-09

    The Big Exhibitor List  GITEX sets the stage for the biggest tech showdown,featuring companies and startups from every,corner of the ecosystem and the globe! explore the full list of exhibitors and plan your journey of discovering the latest innovations.5 days of experiencing the future. GITEX 2019 sets the stage for the biggest technological discoveries,industry applications and products across 26 show sectors,under one roof. last year,2600+ innovative products and solutions were launched and showcased here.   Dubai International Exhibition Company of the United Arab Emirates has more than 3,503 exhibitors from 57 countries, with an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, including more than 350 exhibitors in Asia. The exhibition attracted about 146,000 visitors, including about 63,000 overseas professional visitors.   This year is the third time that our company has been invited to attend this exhibition. We brought our newly developed products to attend, CL7202K8 Bluetooth handheld terminal reader mobile scanner, UHF RFID Desktop Reader/Writer with USB type C CL7206A2 and so on. Since 2009, Hopeland are specialized in developing, researching and manufacturing series of UHF RFID readers, handheld terminals, Antennas , special type Tags, Middleware, system software, etc. Experienced R&D team and strong production center help to output quality products based on Indy R2000/PR9200 chipset, which passed CE, FCC, CCC, SRRC and series of certificates. With core advantages of long reading distance, excellent multi-tag reading, advanced anti-collision algorithm, various communication interfaces, different operation systems &SDK choices, industrial level, our devices are widely used in areas of ETC, Intelligent Parking, Airport, Smart New Retail, Smart Grid, Assets Tracking, Warehousing& Logistic, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0 and so on.

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  • Prescription Pill Filling RFID Application
    Prescription Pill Filling RFID Application 2019-10-09

    Intense market competition and the prevalence of counterfeit and shoddy drugs urgently require an RFID system for the inspection and control of pharmaceutical production processes and product anti-counterfeiting labels.   RFID systems are widely used in the production process control, pill filling and packaging processes of the pharmaceutical industry. In reality, the implementation of the RFID system has greatly enhanced the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry, responded to market orders more quickly and accurately, and delivered faster and more efficiently.     RFID industry solution features in the pharmaceutical industry   1) Modular, compact and easy to install read and write controller   2) Efficient connectivity with PLC and Ethernet   3) Can be applied in high cleanliness indoor environment   4) High reliability, high precision RFID products.       Prescription pill filling RFID application The vials are placed on a rubber disc with a coded body. Each vial rotates with the conveyor belt. When the first data is written to the station of the code carrier, the reader will write the order number and fill the pellet model to the code body. The reader of the pill filling station reads the code carrier.Only when the model of the pill to be filled matches the model of the filling station pill, the bottle stops rotating, and the PLC sends a command to the filling station to fill the pill into the vial.The reader then writes the information of the filled pill to the code carrier, and at the subsequent inspection site, confirms that the type of the pill bottle recorded in the code body is consistent with the type of pill to be filled.The application of the RFID system greatly enhances the efficiency of the inspection site, responds quickly to customer orders and delivers them to customers in a timely manner.

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  • Cold Storage and RFID Technology---Part 2
    Cold Storage and RFID Technology---Part 2 2019-09-25

    With RFID technology and innovative Internet of things application, we can carry out refined and intelligent management on various operation links of cold storage, such as "arrival inspection, warehousing, outbound, transfer, transfer, inventory check", so as to promote a variety of innovative profit models, save operation cost, improve service quality and increase business income. To help realize the refinement and intellectualization of cold storage management. RFID intelligent cold storage management information system has the following advantages Flexible architecture: Intelligent cold storage management information system design, based on the framework of overall information planning, uses the "original model" structure to ensure data, control, business, interface classification, to provide structural support for future business development, system expansion, external system access. Mature technology: The whole warehouse management and radio frequency identification technology are combined to ensure that the system can efficiently complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, enhance efficiency and value. Function customization: While satisfying the current cold storage business, the system provides functional switches for integrated management of RFID and barcode technology, providing system guarantee for more refined management in the future. Expansion and enrichment: The system realizes some functions of "asset management, intelligent distribution, logistics management, office automation, information dissemination and notification, e-commerce", laying the foundation for future customers in a higher level of information application. Intellectualization is the only way for the development of cold storage in China Our country has always had a clear goal in the direction of intelligent development, so the automatic control operation of the cold storage industry as a development focus is in response to the call of the state for energy saving, environmental protection, consumption reduction and efficient development. The management and technology of cold storage have been strengthened, and the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of economic growth mode have also been promoted. In a good market environment, the intellectualization of cold storage has gradually become a trend of development, and the development of intellectualization of cold storage in China has entered a new stage. The realization and progress of intelligent cold storage can not be separated from the shaping of innovative environment, the support and attention of the government, and the huge demand of the market has promoted the technical upgrading of the cold storage industry, which will make intellectualization the best way for the efficient development of the cold storage industry. With the continuous development of refrigeration technology in China and the implementation of international standards, the intelligent process of refrigeration industry has gradually embarked on the fast track of high-end science and technology development.  

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  • Cold Storage and RFID Technology---Part 1
    Cold Storage and RFID Technology---Part 1 2019-09-25

    Absrtact: With theincrease of cold storage scale, most enterprises have begun to adopt computerdata system for cold storage management, but the data are collected andcollected by paper recording and then manually inputting into computer. Thisnot only wastes a lot of human resources, but also leads to slow data entryspeed, low accuracy and low security (easy to be forged). At present, RFIDtechnology is bringing a great change to the fine management of cold storage,in order to identify the advantages of long distance, fast, not easy to damage,large capacity, simplify the complicated work flow, effectively improve themanagement efficiency and business transparency. As the central link of food low temperature circulation, cold storage inChina has been improved in terms of industry scale, storage capacity,scientific management and electronic technology in recent years. The world'srefrigeration industry has received more attention, the investment environmentis better, and the demand space is increasing. Such a good environment promotesthe development of intelligent refrigeration in China, and gradually becomesthe trend of development. With the development of intelligent refrigeration,the development of refrigeration boxes has entered a new stage. The traditional cold storage management system generally relies on thenon-automatic paper-based system to record and track the incoming and outgoinggoods. It is totally manual to implement the internal management of the coldstorage. Therefore, the management of the cold storage is inefficient,small-scale, error-prone and high-cost. With the increase of cold storage scale, most enterprises have begun toadopt computer data system for cold storage management, but the data arecollected and collected by paper recording and then manually inputting intocomputer. This not only wastes a lot of human resources, but also leads to slowdata entry speed, low accuracy and low security (easy to be forged). At present, RFID technology is bringing a great change to the finemanagement of cold storage, in order to identify the advantages of longdistance, fast, not easy to damage, large capacity, simplify the complicatedwork flow, effectively improve the management efficiency and businesstransparency.

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