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  • Grand Ceremony of 2020 Hopeland's Annual Conference
    Grand Ceremony of 2020 Hopeland's Annual Conference 2020-01-18

    On January 16, 2020, all employees of Shenzhen Hopeland Technology Co., Ltd. gathered together, held a summary meeting, celebrated a birthday together, played a game together, and won a big prize together!  At the year-end summary meeting, all the staff witnessed the outstanding development and extraordinary record of Hopeland Technology in 2019. President Yuan and the leaders of various departments came to the stage to give a speech, summarized the work achievements in 2019, and gave the achievements made in the past year. sure. Looking back at 2019, RFID performance will reach a new high; looking forward to 2020, Hopeland will surely achieve another record!  This is a joyous event, which not only shows the harmonious and friendly atmosphere of Hopeland's colleagues, but also shows the inclusiveness of Hopeland, and also conveys the ambitious ambition of the company to show its great ambitions! In 2020, let us unite our efforts, make great achievements, and take new steps!

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    NOTICE OF HOLIDAYS 2020-01-09

    Notice of Holidays

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  • Happy New Year to My Dear Customers
    Happy New Year to My Dear Customers 2020-01-02

         The New Year, offer best wishes to you, we wish you many future successes, May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace. Cold winter quietly passed, changeful weather, not change the mood! Faint chill breeze you would like to the exhaustion of a lifetime and the rustling of the north wind passed I sincerely miss. New Year's day happiness!

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  • Hopeland's Housewarming Ceremony
    Hopeland's Housewarming Ceremony 2019-12-25

      In order to promote the company's cultural spirit, show the company's positive and innovative spirit, better expand the company's business, and promote the development of the core technology of the Internet of Things, the office address of Shenzhen Hopeland Technologies Co., Ltd. on December 21, 2019 was the original Kelu Building The house moved to the third floor of 3F,F5# Bldg,TCL International E-city and a grand house relocation celebration was held, marking the official start of Hopeland's new journey.    At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. Yuan Fengchao, the general manager of Hopeland, delivered a speech, thanking all the guests on the site for their support for this housewarming activity, company partners and customers for their long-term support to the company, and affirming the hard work and dedication of Hopeland employees. In the future, Hopeland will continue to provide customers with more competitive overall RFID solutions, products and services. General Manager Mr. Yuan Fengchao, Marketing Director Mr. Yang Wenke, and Director of Operation Department Mr. Wu Yi, together with two distinguished guests, Mr. Rao Luhua and Ms. Yuyu Zhen, cut the ribbon for the relocation of Hopeland's new site. Lion dance is a traditional Chinese folk festive performance. At the performance site, the gongs and drums are loud, the salutes are chanting, and the audience cheers constantly!   As the first batch of high-tech enterprises in the RFID field, Hopeland has been focusing on the research of RFID core technologies for many years. Hopeland has been involved in RFID since 2007, and has grown from a team of 6 to a team of more than 70 to date. From its initial million-dollar performance to today ’s breakthrough of the 100 million mark, it has successfully seized many RFID applications and the power Internet of Things market opportunity. With RFID R & D various reading and writing equipment research and development production capacity, label design capabilities, system application integration capabilities, in the ubiquitous electric power Internet of things, RFID UHF application general market, overseas markets have a good record.

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