Revolutionary: Intelligent RFID Gateway Reader HL7206C9 2017-08-31

UHF RFID reader is very common on the series of application, such as smart manufacturing, retail management, asset management, warehouse inventory, logistic tracking and so on. To build up IoT(Internet of Thing) system, networking based on Ethernet is quite important. But in some special environment, network construction is not easy, since it's difficult for cabling, and use the computer to upload data in real time.


Now Hopeland's intelligent gateway RFID reader comes for you, could solve the problems above perfectly. This UHF RFID reader is based on Impinj R2000 platform, with raspbian GNU & Linux OS system, support fast networking without other PC. It also integrated with middleware and support multi-reader management, max 10 sets of RFID readers at the same time.


Raspberry Pi RFID Reader


For the hardware hand, the reader have 1G RAM and 16G ROM memory capacity, support off-line store. And it has abundant communication interfaces, RJ45, HDMI, USB, Wiegand etc. As a RFID reader with raspberry pi, clients could also control the reader with mouse and keyboard via USB, and display on screen via HDMI.


Raspberry Pi RFID Reader

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